Alphabetical and product listings.
(Cost : R 3 000.00 per year)  or  (Cost : R 250.00 per month)

Clients can find you whether they search for you alphabetically under your name, or for your product/service through our category option. We list your company name, address and your contact details, including your logo, under the headings appropriate to your business. Your listing also has direct hyper links from our site to your website and/or Facebook page.


Classified advertisements. 
(Cost : R 3 900.00 per year)  or  (Cost : R 325.00 per month)

More clients can find you on a search engine like Google when there is more information about your business on the internet. Your advertisement in our classifieds contains your company name, addresses, contact details, your logo, a detailed description of your product or service with photographs and a Google map with your address on it. Your advert also has direct hyper links from our site to your website and/or Facebook page. This detailed classified advert about your company, serves two purposes. They are as follows:
  1. Increases your Google ranking. This means that when buyers search for your product online, you show up in their search.
  2. When buyers search for your product on our Online Directory their questions are answered before they phone you. The more knowledge they have about your business the more inclined they are to buy from you.


Online featured advertisement.
(Cost : R 4 500.00 per year)  or  (Cost : R 375.00 per month)

Featured adverts are attention grabbers! Your online featured advert is strategically placed under your category on the left side of the page. It draws attention, and stops online traffic in their tracks!


Online banner advertisement. 
(Cost : R 4 900.00 per year)  or  (Cost : R 408.00 per month)

If you want to build brand awareness, then banner advertising is an innovative way of increasing customer trust about your brand. It is a creative way of becoming known to new clients over a period of time. Our online banner adverts are showcased on our Home page. It is the advert that gets seen before any searching begins....


Bulk mail marketing.  (Cost : R 395.00 per 10 000 sends)

At the click of a mouse, we send your advert to 10 000 of our authenticated e-mail addresses from permissible clients listed on our Online Directory site. Once we have sent your advert to the first 10 000 clients, then we can send it to the next 10 000 clients upon renewal from yourselves. We have many hundreds of thousands of authenticated email addresses, which we keep updated on a daily basis. Every day we add new e-mail addresses and delete incorrect ones. 
This form of advertising, which brings new clients to you in an instant, is very effective and extremely affordable. 
Want customers to call? let us e-mail them all.


Business Info Call Centre (Cost : R 1 399.00 per year)

Our telephone-based information service which assists callers seeking information about businesses and services over the phone, are helped by our call centre operators.
Since lockdown our call centre has been inundated with calls from clients who do not have access to the internet, but do have access to landlines and mobile phones.
To find anything from a plumber to a hotel in your area, call our business info call centre on  0861 30 50 40, for assistance..
If you want clients to phone you, then get your company listed on our business info call centre.
However, if you are already a subscriber on our online directory, and your fees are up to date, then you qualify for a substantial discount on your call centre listings.
Simply call one of our friendly consultants to get listed on our business info call centre.